African Adventure 2015 – Botswana Namibia & Zimbabwe

Exciting stuff eh!!  A prospective trip through some of the great wilderness  areas of Southern Africa – Botswana, Namibia and Zimbo, a six week road trip in two Land Cruisers and a cultural combo of ……four Aus dudes and two Canadians.  It’ll be a blast!!!

CaptureAfr.Adventure                                                           Route Map In Red

It began a year ago. I called my old mate Mike macD in Aus to talk about my big 2015 African Adventure plan.  I was ganna go solo but if anyone wanted to tag along, they could!  No Duffy ses Mike you should get a couple of suitable vehicles, find a few good blokes and share the costs ….. do a groupie. It’ll be less expensive, more interesting and with the right people …. true enough… a blast !!!

Departure day minus 2 then its off to Johannesburg to meet the others and pick up the land cruisers.   Mike macD talking to Heather at Bushwackers, Africa, the Safari agents in Johannesburg …. have done a terrific job of putting it all together, the vehicles fully equipped with snore proof, lion tight tents but not guaranteed against a curious and cantankerous old bull elephant who might come snooping around at night looking for a cheap snack, although woo is he if he puts his trunk in my tent.

Between early 20th century history of German SW Africa and Brit colonialism in Zimbabwe – old Rhodesia, the cultural diversity of indigenous peoples of the area, the abundance of four legged carnivores… including the big five and the vast herds of herbivores throughout the route, promise to make the trip an experience of a lifetime.